Encon Rahman Republic of Indonesia

Encon Rahman Republic of Indonesia

Republic of Indonesia : Encon Rahman

Teacher who creates inspiration to educational and teaching development in Indonesia

This 47-year old award-winning teacher was born in Majalengka, West Java. Mr Rahman graduated from Pasundan in Bandung and began teaching mathematics, science, and social science at Mekarwangi Public Elementary School. As a facilitator to national training on Indonesian school standard, he is an inspiration to other teachers in West Java and plays a major role in educational development. Apart from teaching, he writes short stories and articles about educational development as well as six elementary school textbooks and two social studies books.

Mr. Rahman won National Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Award, an annual competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture for his outstanding work on teaching and educational system development.

“I believe that being a teacher is a decent occupation. I have an intrinsic motivation to work with children and work in the field of education. This has driven me to dedicate myself to teaching and to education development. When I encountered problems in teaching, I solved them by conducting classroom action research, consulting with senior teachers and colleagues, and visiting the student’s home to understand their situation and home environment in order to develop individual learning plans.


Winning many awards has changed me to be a good learner. I’m learning to be a better teacher. To be a better person.”