December 12, 2014

Eleven Southeast Asian nations are selecting their outstanding teachers for the Princess Maha Chakri Award nomination.



Suthasri Wongsamarn, permanent-secretary for the Ministry of Education,  who is a committee member of the Princess Maha Chakri  Award Foundation, spoke about the progress of the selection of outstanding candidates for the Award that   executives from the Ministry of Education of 11 Southeast Asian  nations, including Timor-Leste,  had begun at a recent  meeting and resolved that  outstanding teachers from 11 Southeast Asian nations will be granted opportunities to be nominated for the Princess Maha Chakri Award of Thailand.


The  presentation of the Award  is supported by the Princess Maha Chakri  Award Foundation, the Ministry of Education,  the Teachers  Council of  Thailand and the Quality Learning Foundation , she said.


Ms Suthasri said  that  those teachers who are nominated must have outstanding achievements. They must have dedicated themselves to bringing changes to their students  and to generating  benefits to education and human development.


Ms Suthasri  said she outlined  the description of the Award to  her counterparts from 10 countries (except Myanmar which is not able to attend the meeting) and  they paid attention to the selection of  their  outstanding teachers.


Ms Suthasri said  even though several Southeast Asian countries  had their own teacher awards,  their representatives  at the meeting felt that  the Princess Maha Chakri Award would be useful and  provide opportunities for their outstanding  teachers to be  nominated.


Each of 11 Southeast Asian countries will be granted opportunities to be  nominated for the Award. The awardees will receive the Award on October 2, 2015, she said.


Ms Suthasri said that each Southeast Asian country will have their own selection process.  They will be responsible for selecting candidates in accordance with the criteria for award nomination.


She said the selection processes of each country  would reflect their appreciation of  the value  of teachers  that really  made changes in their students.


She said several  Southeast Asian countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor- Leste  and Vietnam, have already formed their own selection committee at both  national and local levels.


She said she was particularly interested in the selection processes  of Indonesia  where there are currently  about 2.9 million teachers nationwide. She said that an outstanding teacher of Indonesia who will be nominated to receive the Award  must  be approved by  selection committees at  local, provincial and national levels.


She said that she had information that Vietnam had about 1 million teachers and Timor-Leste had 10,250 teachers across the country. Each country is expected to send  the names of their dedicated  teachers for the Award by  March next year.



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