August 21, 2015
September 3, 2015




Curriculum Vitae

Name  :                               Mrs. Wang-Lim Ai Lian

Nationality :                   Singaporean

Age  :                                     41 years old

Occupation:                   Head of Department, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

(teaching English and Maths)


Mrs.Wang-Lim Ai Lian began her teacing career in 1994 at Holy Innocents’ Primary School. Her achievements in teaching include helping students with special needs succeed in mainstream classroom. She helps them discover their own strengths, abilities and talents and guides them to grow in a warm and supportive classroom environment with positive self-esteem by applying cooperative learning strategies to promote teamwork and collaboration.  She was also the pioneer in launching the Music Therapy for Learning Motivation project to promote positive students’ behaviours, and thus improve their self-esteem and motivation towards learning. She received a number of awards for her dedication and contribution to education and student development

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