August 21, 2015
September 3, 2015




Curriculum Vitae


Name:                                               Mr. William Egot Moraca

Nationality:                                      Filipino

Age:                                                    46 years old

Occupation:                                      Head Teacher, Klolang Elementary School


Mr.William Egot Moraca has served as Klolang elementary School Head Teacher since 2012. His outstanding achievement is his dedication to provide electricity and water to far-flung and underdeveloped villages, which ultimately greatly improved the quality of living of its residents, through portable windmills of his own design. He also endeavoured to provide elementary schools with the modern classrooms as well as solicited school supplies and educational materials. Mr.William Egot Moraca receives  recognition of his valuable contribution and support to school programs and projects. He has also been awarded the Plague of Commendation for his creative innovation and initiative in converting low cost materials into special multilevel apparatuses with a combination of technologies.

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