Princess Maha Chakri Award March 2018 Highlight

Pre-Orientation for supporting Princess Maha Chakri Award Network teachers that contribute to Thai education under Learning for the sustainability of well-being of Thai people Between 12 – 13 March 2018 at Royal Benja Hotel Bangkok

Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation (PMCAF), Quality of Life Foundation (QLF) and Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) cooperatively organized this orientation for supporting PMCA network teachers to improve quality of Thai people education and create the sustainability of well-being learning.  As well as aim to create integration network from every sector to form learning process that leads happy learners and well-being of Thai people. In this orientation, there are over 95 PMCA network teachers that join the program would choose the path from their specialty, which categorizes into 3 paths.

  1. Emphasis on teacher’s success to improve learning quality
  2. Develop learning process and skills for career
  3. Emphasis on model teacher for new generation teachers.In this orientation, there are several discussion panels led by Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara  [Chairman of PMCA], Dr. Benjalug Namfa, [Manager of PMCA], Dr. Wassana Lertsilp [Committee of PMCA], Mr. Nopporn Suvanruji [Committee of PMCA], Dr.Chadjane Thaithae [Academic Officer], Mrs. Chawalee Phingsangsee [Acdemic Officer] and Dr. Udom Wongsing [Academic Officer from QLF]